"Monsignor Thomas Campion was a dear friend to the Monroe Lions Club for many years.  The Monroe Lions Club started a Christmas program to help the Monsignor  fund his beloved Apostolate to the Handicapped when he was it's director.  Monsignor dedicated his life to helping the handicapped and elderly.  Lions members were proud to be able to help him in these endeavors.  


Monsignor Campion  was a friend to all and made our community a better place in which to live and he is dearly missed by all who knew him.  The Monroe Lions still holds it's annual Christmas Party in his honor, donating the proceeds to the the Monsignor Thomas F. Campion Charitable Fund.  With this gesture, the Lions hope to help keep Monsignor Campion in all our hearts and continue the legacy of giving in his name."  ~ JEFF CONWAY - MONROE LIONS CLUB MEMBER


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