JEFF WIDEMAN - Past President and Executive Board Member - Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association; Wisconsin Master Cheese Maker - Maple Leaf Cheese Factory


"I have been attending the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association conventions for several years and having served on the WCMA board, I have become very involved in the organization along with many other Green County cheese makers. At our conventions, evening receptions showcased beautiful displays of delicious world class cheese. One question that I repeatedly heard asked was, "what happens to the left over cheese from the displays?" I inquired about the cheese and found out that it was left to be discarded. I mentioned this to Shirley Knox (who is currently also a Campion Charitable Fund board member) and we discussed the idea of doing something productive with the leftover cheese.

One day a few years ago, a casual discussion with Jeff Conway (also a current Campion Fund board member) about his friendship with Monsignor Campion and Jeff's support of Monsignor's work in our community and soon, we began planning the wonderful fundraising event that currently benefits the Monsignor Thomas F. Campion Charitable Fund held annually at Old Smokey's.

The cheese tasting event and steak dinner were created with the support of the Foreign Type Cheese Makers and many volunteers taking this cheese that had been going to waste and now putting it to good use. The local cheese makers are always supporting worthwhile events in Green County. Many of the members of the WCMA from across the State have told me that they are pleased to hear of the charitable grants made possible through the Campion Charitable Fund with the use of the left over cheese."

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  • Some of the photos compliments of Noreen Rueckert - Green County Tourism

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